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Here Comes Your Band

One of the things that is great about songwriting is the storytelling. Everyone loves a good story. And just like everyone else, every member of this band has their own.

I will post about more about each of these guys. I’ll also post about my relationship with music. How did it start? and all that. But before we get into that, here’s a quick introduction to each of us:

Chris Mulvey - I started this band and asked each of these guys to join. I play guitar, sing and write songs and have been doing that for a long time. I love writing songs and flushing them out with other people. I had a similar role in Muy Cansado for the last ten years - playing guitar, singing and writing songs. I also love to write, so I’ll do a lot of that on this site.

Mike Ward - Mike plays synthesizer in this band and performed a some scorching lead guitar on the recordings. I wouldn’t hold your breath for him to play guitar live. Currently, Mike performs synth in Let’s Wait, but in the past he played guitar in St. Helena, Private Shapes and Sun Lee Sunbeam. He has an amazing ability to orchestrate and add texture to music with any instrument he touches.

Kevin McGrath - Kevin plays bass. He spent years playing bass and singing in Diamond Mines and toured with Yoni Gordon and the Goods. He is also a singer/songwriter/guitarist. Every once in a blue moon you can catch him in his own band, Merganser. Kevin’s ears for production and songwriting are fantastic. When we were in the studio, he had some great ideas.

Travis Richter - Travis plays drums and percussion. He has been playing drums for Kingsley Flood for the last few years. Before that he performed in This Blue Heaven and the Motion Sick. He’s an amazing drummer with a knack for writing unique drum parts very quickly. When performing live Travis looks like he is destroying his kit. He also plays a mean guitar.

So that’s the quick run down of everyone in the band. I will follow this up with posts dig a little deeper.

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