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Chris Mulvey,


Please put "Pale Monsters" in the subject header and specify timing of the request. 

Success! Message received.

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We'd love to hear from you on the social medias. There are links above. Please stay in touch on Facebook, Spotify and Twitter by listening and following us. It's how we love in this digital world.

Being in a band is a lot of work, and we are always looking for help. If you want some fun perks, like free admission to shows, advance copies of our music, heads up on what we're up to, or other fun stuff, then reach to join our street team. We can promise that it'll be fun. 

Here's how you do it - send a message above with the subject "Pale Monsters Street Team." Let us know what you'd be up for, and we'll get in touch. 

Below you can watch a video about helping. It's helpful. (We promise to be less bleak if you email us.) 

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