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Our New Album - Are You Feeling Alive?

Last week we released our first full length album Are You Feeling Alive? It is the result of 3 years of hard work, dedication and collective vision.

As a band, we are extraordinarily proud of this album, and we are incredibly happy to share it with the world. You can stream the full album in this blog post. You can also find it on this website on our Media Page or Home Page, as well as on Spotify and bandcamp.

We could not be grateful for the positive response this album has gotten over the last couple of months. Some press excerpts are below, and you can find more on our website here.

After multiple requests, song lyrics have finally been added to our website. They had been in other places, but just not on our actual website. That was dumb, and we are sorry. You can now find them all of the lyrics for the songs of Are You Feeling Alive? here.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Michael Marotta from Vanyaland about making this album. I mentioned that on this album we captured the sound we have been trying to catch since we started playing together as a band. For any band that is an amazing feeling. As a group of people that have collectively played in a lot of bands, we can say with confidence that you do not always get to that place. As a band, it feels great to get there together.

(For more on what the album is about, the vision behind the album and what the album means to us, check out the full Vanyaland article here.)

While making this album was a lot of work, it never felt difficult or forced. Everything felt natural, even when we challenged and pushed each other. Making an album is a long and arduous process, and there are always surprises, both good and bad. Having that process, which can easily become forced or synthetic, play out in a way that felt pure, is a testament to this band and a reflection of the excellent work by our team - producer Jon Lupfer and engineer James Bridges at Q Division Studios.

Now that Are You Feeling Alive? is out there, there is something that is really important to us that involves you - please give this album a listen. We think you will be into it. If you enjoy the album, please consider purchasing the music from our website or any of your favorite online retailers. All purchasing details can be found on the Music section of our website.

Here's what folks in the press have been saying about Are You Feeling Alive?

"a modern take on our paranoid world"

"some of the best indie rock released in recent memory"

"should carry them to widespread prominence"

"one of 2018’s most effective rock records"

"spring cleaning for dislocated souls"

"one of the indie scene’s most promising outfits"

"Pale Monsters are New Wave Masters"

"a sense of purpose we don't often hear"

"2018 will be a huge year for Pale Monsters"

"8.5/10 - It’s invigorating to hear an act refresh an earlier music style with their own unique take on things."

What are you waiting for? Click play above and give it a listen! You can check out more press highlights here.

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