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Our First Show

This Saturday, May 14, Pale Monsters plays our first show as a band at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. I haven’t played a first show in a new band, since I played with the Peppermint Patties as part of Boston Band Crush’s One Night Band back in 2009. That was designed to be a one and done show, so this is a little different.

The band has been working on these songs for a while, and we are excited to share them. Very soon we’ll have new music for your ears (and eyes). It’s going to be great to release these songs into the world.

This Saturday is cool, because in spite of all of our hard work, right now there are maybe 10 people other than us that have any idea what this band sounds like. When people ask I say, “I write the songs.” While that gives some of you an idea, you still need to hear a band to know what it’s about. Every band is its own unique thing. While one person could tell you band sounds like Nick Cave, someone else could hear something totally different.

I love live music. There’s nothing like being at a show and feeling a connection with an artist or a song. One of the best moments I can remember was seeing Radiohead at Suffolk Downs back in 2001. It was right after they had released Kid A and Amnesiac. They were untouchable. I remember singing Karma Police with thousands of other fans. It was cathartic.

As an artist, you feel that same connection from the other side with the audience, the song and the band. I remember playing Muy Cansado's first album release at the Abbey Lounge back in 2008. The place was sold out and packed wall to wall. It was August, so it was hotter than hell. We ripped through that set with a fury. At clubs like that you feed off the audience.

Personally, I am humbled that Pale Monsters gets to play our first show at the Lizard with Brendan Boogie and Abbie Barrett.

Brendan is one of the best friends I have made in the local music scene. He supports local music more than almost anyone, and he’s great singer / songwriter / bassist / guitarist / the only thing he doesn’t do is play drums (you don’t play drums, do you Brendan?). Saturday Brendan and his band, The Broken Gates, are releasing an album that has been a long time in the making. It features many of the songs from his film, the Mayor of Rock and Roll, which is an homage to the local music scene. From talking to him, this may be his last show for a while.

Abbie Barrett won the Boston Music Award last year for best singer / songwriter. She also had a pretty great run at this year’s Boston Emissions Rock and Roll Rumble. I first met her back in 2012 when we played the Red Star Union together. I was blown away by her set and have been a fan ever since. She has only gotten better over the years.

So yeah, these blogs have been fun, but this Saturday the real fun begins. We hope you make it out. If you come get tickets early (here's a link).

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