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All This Time We Wait

Last month we released our first single in over a year. It's called All This Time We Wait. It's currently posted on this site and on bandcamp, which is where you can purchase it if you're into it. Soon it will be added to iTunes, Spotify, etc. - still figuring out the distribution specs.

We are very excited to share this song for 3 reasons:

1. We love the song!

2. It is the premiere single from our upcoming full-length album Are You Feeling Alive? which, for those of you that are new to the Pale Monsters' world, is our first full-length album.

3. It's a song that I have personally been working on for 11 years, so I am really happy to get it out. And when we arranged it together as a band, we felt like we figured something out about how we make music together.

So yeah, about that 11 years thing. I came up with the chorus to "All This Time We Wait" in 2006 when I lived in LA, which is a lifetime ago. But the thing was, I could never figure out a verse that stuck. I tried a whole bunch of different ideas over the years. Eventually, after trying so many different ideas, I just gave up on it.

When Pale Monsters was forming, I hadn't thought about "All This Time We Wait" in a long time. But one night I was sitting at home working on songs, and I came back it out of nowhere. Within in a few minutes, it clicked. I had finally figured it out, 9 years later.

Then I brought the song to the gang, and they made it way cooler than I imagined. Trav dropped a backbeat rhythm for the chorus, which makes you want to drive your car forever. Kev went for a Mo-town, Spoon, McCartney-esque bass line that is pretty damn melodic. And of course Mike dropped some spectacular, otherworldly synth on top, as one does.

Lyrically, the song started with the chorus back in 2006. Back then it meant something different to me. But by the time I had a verse I liked that I was writing lyrics for, the song ended up touching on themes I think about all the time these days - discontent with modern life, gentrification, monetization, aging, transcendence. The lyrics are posted below.

Influence wise, I would tick off The Beatles, The Replacements, The Jesus and Mary Chain, the Pixies, Springsteen, the Velvet Underground and Bowie.

When we first shared the track there was a nice write up on Vanyaland. Check it out here. Since then we were honored to have the track make Vanyaland's best Boston singles of 2017. Check that out here.

Final bit of news for this tune is that we were excited to work again with Nick Mariani from Moving Exposure Films to create a video for the track that has some familiar views of our fair city. We will share it soon. Watch this space.

For now, no more waiting, our newest single "All This Time We Wait" is finally here. Click play and listen. More soon.


All This Time We Wait

Lyrics by Chris Mulvey

All this time we wait….It’s OK All this time we wait….It’s OK I see the sweat soak through her gown We’re just bones Unsatisfied and feeling low Hearts aren’t always meant to break Mow the lawn and my soul shakes I scream to let it out I always keep a little doubt All this time we wait….It’s OK All this time we wait….It’s OK All this time we wait (X4)….It’s OK I see the sun set through the clouds The night’s cold Some love is cheap, some is bold I can’t make amends with greed The boardwalk is so damn clean Where’s the dirty part of town? All that’s left has got me down All this time we wait….It’s OK All this time we wait….It’s OK All this time we wait (X4)….It’s OK

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