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All This Time We Wait Music Video

We are super excited to share the music video for our single "All This Time We Wait." The video was produced by Nicholas Mariani of Moving Exposure Films. He was also behind our first music video for "Everybody (Take What You Can Take)." We were very excited to work with Nick again for this video. Here's the video!

The video was filmed this over the course of quite a few weekends in October. Part of it was filmed in an automobile driving around Boston. The other part was filmed on a bike riding around Boston. If you're from Boston, you will recognize a lot of the scenes.

We love the juxtaposition of the movement with the bike and the lack of movement with the car. It tells a story that connects pretty well with the song. Shout out to Kevin for coming up with the car concept.

From a filming / technical perspective, it took us a while to figure out exactly how to get the bike footage. The footage was filmed on my bike as I rode on the Charles River bike path from Watertown to Boston and then back to Watertown. We tried strapping a Go Pro camera to my bike in a bunch of different ways, but the footage was too shaky.

After some trial and error over the course of a few weeks, we strapped the camera to my helmet and got the shots we were looking for. Because of the way we got the footage, the shots are literally my eye's view of the ride, which is one of my favorite bike rides. I'm a sucker for the Charles River, especially by bike.

For production, Nick edited the footage together to tell the story we envisioned. He added some of his own flavor in there, which really warms the video up. We are pretty psyched with the results and really excited to share it with all of you. Check it out!

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