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Everybody (Take What You Can Take)

Our first single is here. This week we released the single and video for the song Everybody (Take What You Can Take). Both can be found in the media section of the site. It’s nice to finally share some music.

Everybody was the first song the band played together on our very first practice, so it makes sense to share it first. It was also a beast of a song to create. I wrote the verse three years ago in one sitting and called it Bitchy Queen; I was thinking of Queen Bitch. The rest of the song took a while to hash out: there were lots of demos, a few key changes and a whole bunch of different choruses and melodies that got tried out. And all that was before I introduced it to the band.

It’d be great to say that on Pale Monsters’ first rehearsal Everybody just came together, but the song is a beast, and it was a beast for the band too. The changes were tricky to get down, and there are a lot of them. Once we did figure Everybody out, it helped us figure the band out. It’s a song that we felt better about the more we played. It’s song that made each of us work for every inch.

Lyrically, Everybody is a song about the anxiety and hopelessness that permeates society. There are a few winks and nods. I don't want to dig too far into the lyrics, because that takes some of the fun out.

Everybody has lyrical and musical shouts to Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Radiohead, Fugazi, Elvis and the Pixies. Those are just references I can readily name. I'm sure Mike, Trav and Kev have some more they could add.

So our first single is here. We hope you dig it.

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