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One Last Time - Thanks

A couple of months ago we released our debut EP, Take What You Can Take. I documented a lot of the process on this site. The EP was the culmination of a lot of work from more than just us. We remain very excited to share the music with the world and hope folks are enjoying it. The tracks are on our music page. Also, technology, so have a listen right here.

The Release Party was Friday, June 17 at Thunder Road. Check out the poster to the right. The show was a blast. We watched some of our favorite local bands perform, and we got to perform to a room full of awesome people. You can't ask for much more. This band has a different sound than most people are accustomed to from any of our other projects. We’ve been excited to share that new sound both live and through the recordings.

In addition to the warm reception we received from many from many of you, we also got some love from some local writers and dj’s (shout outs to Michael Marotta, Jed Gottlieb, Victor Infante, Bradley Searles, Anngelle Wood, Dave Crespo, Phil Fleming).

So this post is a reiteration of something I and we have said publicly on social media, but it’s always good to put it in writing - thank you.

As a summer starts to wind down, we’re gearing up for some gigs in the Boston area and hopefully some more news around the corner. Gigs will be updated on our gigs page, and we’ll be let you know what’s coming.

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