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Recording New Music

It's tough to think of anything right now other than the tense political atmosphere in our country. There have been tough moments in US history. It remains to be seen where this will lie in comparison, but it will certainly be among the toughest.

As a band, we've been marching, agitating and writing new music. Art and activism are cures for fascism.

With that as our backdrop, Pale Monsters is preparing to hit the studio again. We are very excited to once again record with producer Jon Lupfer.

Our debut EP, Take What You Can Take, was tracked at 1867 Recording Studio with overdubs and mixing at Q Division Studio. This time all of the recording will be at Q Division Studio. (Check out the picture to the right of us performing at Q's holiday party in December).

During these sessions, we will record six songs. Four songs we will definitely record are:

1. The Dead

2. Buzzed Out

3. All This Time We Wait

4. Gone

The first two songs on the list were written when we hit the studio last time around. At that time they were not as polished as the ones we recorded. We are excited to get them to (digital) tape this time around.

The final two songs will be two of these three:

1. Moving Along

2. Until the End

3. Pale Monsters

Lyrically Take What You Can Take had a lot of political overtones (see this blog for deets). Anxiety was running through society before Trump's election. That anxiety is now a flood.

These new songs touch on familiar themes - societal anxiety, mortality, disappointment, climate change, redemption and literary allusions.

If you want a sneak peak, come to our show at Atwood's Tavern next Thursday, February 9. We are excited to share the new music and really excited to get to work.

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