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October Show and New Single

Does it matter if you were right in predicting the end of the world? If it ends, you still lose. Everything is dying, but you’re not dead yet. I still see people out at shows.

So why even try? Maybe it’s passion, maybe it’s boredom, maybe it’s you, maybe it’s all of those things.

Music scenes breath in and out. They seem alive one minute, something else the next. Clubs close, new ones open. Nostalgia is a thing.

I wonder about what the next thing is. In the 50’s kids went to rock and roll shows at auditoriums. It seemed like it would go on in some way forever - youth culture or whatever. But things always change, and new things emerge.

20 years from now, maybe kids in self-driving cars will watch live shows at viral clubs. They won’t even need to get sweaty.

Today, I still go out and get sweaty. It makes me feel alive. If if makes you feel alive, come out. Our next show is Saturday, October 14 at The Rockwell in Davis Square, Somerville.

The show will feature an album release from the mighty Future Carnivores and a double single release from one of Boston's best bands over the last decade, Township. Oh, and as it turns out, we'll be releasing a new single too. More on that to come.

Let's rock.

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